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- Our new article "Labeling Carboxyl Groups of Surface Exposed Proteins Provides an Orthogonal Approach for Cell Surface Isolation" is published in Journal of Proteome Research.

13 April 2018    








- Our new article "Comparative phosphoproteomic analysis reveals signaling networks regulating monopolar and bipolar cytokinesis" is published in Scientific Reports.

2 February 2018    










- Our comprehensive review article "Proteomics in Cell Division" is published in Proteomics and featured as inside front cover.

20 October 2017    


- Our new article "A small molecule identified through an in silico screen inhibits Aurora B-INCENP interaction" is published in Chemical Biology & Drug Design and featured on the cover as editor's choice.

7 July 2016    









10th EuPA (European Proteomics Association) Annual Congress 21-25 June 2016                                                                 


- Özge Karayel has received Academic Research Excellence Award for graduate students from Koc University



- Our new article "Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Aurora Kinase Inhibition in Monopolar Cytokinesis" is published in Journal of Proteome Research.

13 August 2015    












The 7th EMBO Meeting in Mannheim, Germany


Our AstraZeneca Open Innovation Proposal Approved Koc University-AstraZenaca Collaboration


IV. International Congress of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey, METU


Turkey - Singapore Joint Workshop on Molecular Biology, Bilkent University


Proteomics Forum 2015 in Technical University Berlin, Germany


OurCon II: Imaging Mass Spectrometry Conference and1st Congress of the Proteomics Society, Turkey


3rd International Congress of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey


The Proteomic Forum 2013, Berlin, Germany


- 2nd Greek Orbitrap Users Meeting 2012, Iraklio-Crete, Greece